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كتاب الورقات في أصول الفقه1

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بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم.2

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1 – الفقه وأصوله

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هذه ورقات3 تشتمل على معرفة فصول من أصول الفقه.4 ذلك لفظ5 مؤلَّف من جزأين مفردين أحدهما أصول6 والآخر الفقه.7 فالأصل ما بُنِيَ8 عليه غيرُهُ والفرع ما بُنِيَ9 على غيرِهِ، والفقه معرفة الأحكام الشرعيّة التي طريقها الاجتهاد.

  1. This title, by which the work is now commonly known, is used already in Ibn al‑Firkāḥ’s commentary.
  2. Ibn al‑Firkāḥ’s commentary does not treat the bismallah as part of the text to be commented upon, but it appears in Spr. 601 and other copies of the matn.
  3. Spr. 601 has الورقات .
  4. Ibn al‑Firkāḥ quotes the preceding phrase (هذه … أصول الفقه) after the following phrase (ذلك لفظ … والآخر الفقه), because his introduction leads him right into commenting on the latter phrase, and only then does he go back and quote the opening phrase, which he says came first. Thus the original order in the matn Ibn al‑Firkāḥ used was as presented here. This order is also preserved in Spr. 601 and the Maḥallī tradition.
  5. The Maḥallī tradition omits لفظ .
  6. BM 3093 has الأصول where the text is first quoted, but أصول where the text is repeated and commented upon.
  7. The Maḥallī tradition omits أحدهما أصول والآخر الفقه . Lbg. 256 does not mark this as part of the matn, but this is an error, since Ibn al‑Firkāḥ later repeats and comments upon these very words.
  8. The Maḥallī tradition has يبنى .
  9. SH and the Maḥallī tradition have يبنى .
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